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Providing Comprehensive Support & Innovative Solutions to Entrepreneurs

We offer strategic guidance in business development, assisting entrepreneurs in unlocking their full potential through market research, business planning, and growth strategies. Read more...


Our dedicated team of experts specializes in conducting various research types such as market systems and value chain analysis, conflict and political economy analysis, and sector studies, across multiple sectors including agriculture, financial services...


Our strategic consulting services go beyond surface-level recommendations. Through our collaborative partnership, we empower you to implement effective strategies, optimize processes, and achieve meaningful results.


We collaborate closely with you to develop comprehensive MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning) frameworks that align with your program's goals and capture the data necessary to measure progress and outcomes. We support you to document your learning and...


Beyond short-run training, we provide post-training coaching, investment readiness support, and other ecosystem linkage services to social impact enterprises and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).


We support international development and humanitarian organizations to develop and implement tailored strategies that leverage evidence-based approaches, best practices, and innovative methodologies for programme management...

Who We Are

Fostering Growth & Empowering Entrepreneurs

With offices in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria, Inspire Decisions Consulting Limited (IDC) is a fast-growing global development firm that supports international donors and donor-funded projects, as well as public and private sector organizations, to achieve their development objectives and key performance targets. Although incorporated in April 2016, the key personnel have over 40 years of cumulative experience in designing and implementing multi-sector projects, monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning working with public, private, and development organizations and projects in West and East Africa.

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What Entrepreneurs Are Saying


I cannot praise the consulting services provided by Inspire Decisions enough. With their guidance, our farming community has witnessed a tremendous boost in productivity and efficiency. They have introduced innovative techniques, advanced technology, and sustainable practices that have not only increased our yields but also improved the quality of our produce. Thanks to Inspire Decisions, we have been able to contribute to greater food security, improved nutrition, and resilience outcomes in our region. Their commitment to the well-being of Nigerian farmers is truly commendable, and we are grateful for the positive impact they have made on our lives.

testimonial ocho ajoche
Ocho Ajoche
Community Leader, Benue State

As a member of a rural community in Jos, I have seen firsthand the transformative impact of IDC. Their consulting agency has played an integral role in revolutionizing our agricultural practices. They have provided us with comprehensive training programs and market access strategies that have empowered us to enhance our productivity and income. Through their guidance, we have developed sustainable farming models that not only preserve the environment but also strengthen our resilience in the face of the recent insurgency challenges. IDC has truly become our go-to resource, and we owe our progress and prosperity to their unwavering support.”

testimonial sanni yakubu
Sanni Yakubu
Farmer & Community Leader

IDC has been instrumental in driving positive change in Africa’s agriculture sector. Their consulting services have been critical in addressing the challenges faced by farmers and transforming their livelihoods. Through their extensive knowledge, strategic planning, and hands-on support, they have fostered the development of robust market systems that have led to improved food security and resilience outcomes across the continent. Their holistic approach, which considers not only agricultural practices but also market dynamics and policy frameworks, sets them apart. IDC has become a trusted partner for governments, organizations, and farmers alike, and their dedication to advancing Africa’s agricultural landscape is truly commendable.

testimonial amina yusuf
Amina Yusuf
Agricultural Economist

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